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Egyxos Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Hd 1080p

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646f9e108c An ancient civilization lost in time and space, is coming back - the Egyxos. They are incredible creatures gifted with superpowers split into two factions endlessly battling for the domination over their kingdom. During the fighting between the two warrior brothers Kefer and Exaton, the earthly boy Leo is involved despite his will. He doesn't know he has inherited a great power - The last Pharaoh's one. Once Leo finds out his gift, his life will change forever and a big adventure between two worlds, where danger is always lurking, will begin.
this is the worst Egyptian inspired animated show ever it's trash and so bad and it shame because I'm Egyptian Myself and this show isn't look like Egyptians at all I Mean Come on how people have the nerve to modernized old civilization it's erase the charm of this civilization and why a teen not Even an Egyptian teen would be a pharaoh of Egyptian civilization Like what DA heck? and even get worse with the villains like why Thoth and Sobek are evil like huh? Thoth the god wisdom and Sobek is the god of Nile Thoth and Sobek are the good guys not the bad guys Anubis Kinda reasonable I Think? because Since Anubis is the god of Death but at same time is so bad to look at! and The Animation and ArtStyle is ugly To be Honest even the music isn't Egyptian at all…. like this is a rip-off of tron but Egyptian Theme (btw doesn't look like Egyptian at all ) this is real shame a Real Shame who ever creates this show must be Ashamed >:(

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